Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Heart Transplant

Years have gone by that I have not driven the car. I came up to see my family and get an oil change for my mini van when I realized that the caprice was sitting out back of my dad's shop (Olson Auto Service Inc.). I asked dad about it but he was kind of quiet on the matter and I also noticed that his Bronco was missing. It turns out that he traded the Bronco for work and a new engine for the car. The engine is a 454 putting out over 400hp. Apparently someone built it for a street car and ran out of money. We have always wanted a big engine to replace the 4.3L, and now we have it.

After a couple of months went by, dad informed me that the engine and exhaust have been installed and he let me hear that thing on my cell phone. You can see what I mean by listening and watching this video.