Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cooling Problems - Solved

Last time I was up to see my family, dad told me that the engine kept over heating. His thoughts were because of the radiator that he had just put in. He didn't think it was quite right for this engine so he replaced it was an aluminum radiator built to cool down a 1000hp engine ($650).

Needless to say, the radiator did the trick and the car has zero faults in it.

The car does have some weak points but those will be getting replaced. 1) The transmission is a 350 turbo which will not hold up to the engine if you give it to much. The transmission will be replaced with a 700R4 with a manual shift. 2) The rear-end is still stock and not built for 400hp. 3) The rims and tires are old and not wide enough. The width on the rim is determinate to the max with that the car can handle on all four locations. We want to be able to service this thing with some ease and not be replacing rear tires every so often. These are later topics to talk about.