Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My father sent me an e-mail telling me that he found a rear end for $200. Here is his message. "
I just bought a used 1994 squad rear end , posi with disc brakes and frame , control arms etc....200$$$ , I measured everything and it should fit, we will have hook up brake lines and I don`t know how the brakes are going to work....oh well!!! , I just put her to bed last nite also at home, she takes up alot of room!!!...later"

I think this says it all. We were thinking about getting a 9 inch rear end but this one is much cheaper and also ready to go. We will not have to do any additional work besides hooking everything up.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I got a call from my dad the other day. He was telling me that he was getting a new rack for alignment and was getting rid of his old one. His old rack consisted of a drive on hoiste and a seperate computer station. He sent word out to ther shops seeing if they would be interested in a drive on hoist and rack and the only person that responded back was a transmission shop guy. He came to my father's shop to review the hoist and said I will take it for the price that you are asking for, $1000.00. Then dad got into his wheeling and dealing mode and said to the guy, "All I want from you is a 700R4 transmission, 2200 rpm stall converter, 4 gears, and a manual/automatic shifting." The manual/automatic shifting allows the user to either have it in automatic mode or if they plan to race, shift it manual style.

Dad told him that it does not have to be done right away, but he would like it before the next summer. This will grant the guy plenty of time to do a great job on a transmission that will need to be beaten and also just driven.

All now that is left is a Ford rear-end and disc brakes and the drive trane will be complete.

The Take-Off

It is hard to keep the tires from spinning and also being able to take off relatively quickly. Since the rear-end is still stock, the one tire will spin at a seconds notice, but I thought dad did a great job keeping it together and not spinning it out.