Sunday, March 15, 2009

All four disc brakes!

My dad called not to long ago telling me that the rearend is now installed and the disc brakes now work. Remember, the rearend is out of a 94 cop car and it went in perfectly like nothing changed from a 85 to an 94 caprice classic. There was some hangup with the bolt pattern on the rotors but that can be fixed by replacing the front assembly. The driveshaft was a little to long after the installation so they (Dad and Mark) shorten the drive shaft by a little and weld it up. It is not ready for racing until a new driveshaft is installed but it is ready for the transmission. Slowly but surely they are making progress on the car. I wish I was there to help in all of this work but we have remodeling going on which keeps me home when my family goes up to see family.