Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Winter Sleep

During the winter slumber, we are reviewing the tasks that we want to accomplish for the summer to come. We have a new rear end, a heavy duty sway bar for the rear end, and also a new transmission to install before we can take it for a spin. One those have been installed, I will not baby that engine so much. I have been gentle because it is a new engine and also the transmission and rear end are weak for the power. Next summer will be exciting for new videos and more pictures.


Courtney said...

Have you done any more suspension work on the car? You may want to check out some of the Impala SS forums, lots of great advice on how to parts-bin the B-Body suspension for a pretty good set up.

In my 78 coupe I'm running the WS6 F-body front sway with upgraded bushings & end links, upgraded stock rear lower control arms, 9c1 rear bar, & body bushings. The mods were the "easy" ones, and really helped with handling, but I still need some stiffer springs and shocks.

My old 89 9c1 sure felt a lot more stable